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Son of “Weather Underground” Terrorists Running for San Francisco DA. Is Soros Funding Him?

The New American:

Chesa Boudin (shown) plans to be San Francisco’s next district attorney, but is even the far-left “progressive” City by the Bay ready for someone this far left?

The Boudin name has a long pedigree in communist and terrorist circles. His maternal grandfather, attorney Leonard Boudin, in addition to being a member of the Communist Party USA, was the longtime legal counsel for Fidel Castro’s communist dictatorship, and was infamous for defending communists, terrorists, and leftists of every stripe. Chesa Boudin’s parents were members of the terrorist Weather Underground. What’s more, they helped build a bomb factory in San Francisco to aid in their war against “Amerika.” Chesa Boudin says he is committed to the same goals to which his parents were, and are, committed. They have not repudiated their past violence — which included bombings, rioting, mayhem, and murder.

We will return to the matter of Chesa Boudin’s radicalism and that of his parents and mentors, but first there is another matter that is also important: George Soros. Over the past several years, the radical billionaire and champion of Communist China has dropped millions of dollars into district attorney races across the country. In addition to what he has personally contributed, Soros has orchestrated the funneling of additional millions of dollars into to these races through his billionaire pals in Democracy Alliance and other national “527” tax-exempt political organizations. The Soros-led effort to electing radical district attorneys, which has flown largely under the radar, has birthed a myriad of “Safety & Justice” political action committees and candidates. Imagine a host of new DAs in the mold of Representatives Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez or Ilhan Omar. Frightening picture, yes? District attorneys wield considerable power, and big-city DAs have a big bully pulpit besides.

Is Soros funding Boudin’s race? We don’t know yet, but it is tailor made for his Safety & Justice agenda, a deal too good to pass up. One of the reasons we don’t know yet is because Boudin has not been forthcoming on his promises of transparency. Like Barack Obama, Boudin talks a lot about transparency, while keeping his own campaign finances opaque.

For instance, in a friendly interview in Counterpunch with Jonah Raskin, a veteran of the radical Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) and Weather Underground, Boudin said: “The best antidote to corruption, racism, and tyranny is transparency and civic engagement.” However, the San Francisco Chronicle reported on February 18 that of the five candidates who had announced for the open district attorney seat, Boudin was the only one that hadn’t filed his campaign’s financial reports.

Of course, official campaign finance reports do not tell the whole story. The Democrats’ big leftist donors — Soros, Tom Steyer, Michael Bloomberg, Steve Phillips, Herb and Marian Sandler, Norman Lear — have become very adept at financing “independent” groups and advertising campaigns that skirt the campaign reporting requirements. Historically, district attorney races have not attracted huge sums of outside money, but the Soros Safety & Justice program has changed that. Besides opening the door to massive left-wing monkey-wrenching (the Soros forces say “reform”) of our justice system, the office of district attorney also provides a platform for advancement to House, Senate, and gubernatorial seats, as well as judicial appointment.

Red Diaper Grandbaby, Son of Privilege

Boudin jokes that he has two moms and four parents. In an introduction for a lecture his mother gave at New York University in 2013, he joked that while having two mommies might not be that unusual in San Francisco (where lesbian couples are common), his moms are unique. Indeed they are, as are his two dads. His biological parents are David Gilbert and Kathy Boudin, the infamous Weather Underground Organization (WUO) terrorists who went to prison for the murder of two police officers and a Brinks armored car guard (plus the wounding of another Brinks guard and several police officers). David Gilbert is still in prison, serving a 75-year sentence. Kathy Boudin won early release from prison and, like many of her WUO terrorist comrades, carries on “the revolution” as a university professor.

Chesa Boudin’s “other parents” — his adopted parents who raised him while his parents were in prison — are none other than the unrepentant WUO terrorists Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn, who also turned their rampage of bombs, terror, and mayhem into self-serving book deals, speaking engagements, and professorships. Fawning news reports sympathetically relate that Chesa Boudin overcame a tough life, growing up separated from his parents who were in prison. The same media reports show no similar sympathy for the widows and orphaned children of the men who were slain by Gilbert/Boudin and their WUO comrades. In fact, most reports don’t even mention their victims by name: Police officers Edward O’Grady and Waverly Brown and Brinks guard Peter Paige. And those were only the Brinks robbery victims. The families of these men have had to struggle on while doors to fame and fortune have magically opened up for Ayers, Dohrn, Kathy Boudin, and many of their other terrorist compadres.

Doors have magically opened for Chesa also. Like Bill Clinton, he got a Rhodes Scholarship to study at Oxford University. Received a Yale law degree. Spent some time doing the radical chic Che Guevara “Motorcycle Diaries” thing knocking around Latin America. Then scored a book deal with Scribner (a division of publishing giant Simon and Schuster) for his first book, Gringo: A Coming of Age in Latin America. Life’s good: Rhodie, Yalie, author, lots of adoring media fans, deputy public defender, aspiring district attorney. And beyond? The House, Senate, White House? Why not? After all, his adopted father Bill Ayers helped launch Barack Obama’s presidential career from the same Chicago home where Chesa grew up.

Chesa Boudin: “I’m Dedicated to the Same Thing.”

Like his lineage, Chesa Boudin’s unusual first name also has unique roots. The New York Times  reported in 1981 that Kathy Boudin “called him Chesa, after her heroine, Joanne Chesimard, ‘’Queen of the Black Liberation Army.’” Joanne Chesimard, WUO/Black Liberation Army terrorist and convicted cop killer, escaped from prison and has lived for the past several decades in communist Cuba, along with several dozen other American terrorist expatriates. She now goes by the name Asata Shakur and has become an icon to the leaders of Black Lives Matter and their legions of followers.

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